Special {Everyday} Occasions

Worry for today.

Fear for tomorrow.

Something with which to fill my time.

In the above box is where I find myself – too often. I fall into that pit. And I stay there.

I wallow there.


He woke up sweetly. Drinking his milk, he climbed into my bed and wrapped his sun-tanned arms around around my back.

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My husband; Their Dad.

As I lowered my foot onto the running board of the truck, I noticed a 3.5-foot blond waiting below with his hand outstretched toward mine.

Can I give you a hand, Mommy?” he politely asked.

I looked at his father; that’s where he learned it.

I watch that same boy dart around the house in a Batman cape, fighting imaginary criminals and telling them to “Stay away from my mommy!” Where did he learn to protect? That’s from his dad, too.

He bear hugs his little brother and says, Continue reading