Taming the Tongue

Ever leave an aggravating situation and think of a hundred really good insults you could have hurled at them? You replay the situation over in your mind, each time thinking of a better… and better …way to verbally punch them in the gut. You may have left the situation defeated, but in your car on the way home, You. Were. Victorious.

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So you are not going to be the princess…and other disappointments in life.

Well, it’s here ladies. In just 11 days, Prince William will marry his beautiful fiancée. He will turn Kate Middleton into Kate…well…??? Does anyone know Prince William’s last name? Does he even have one??? I’ll Google it later, but for now, we all know she is going to be: the Princess.


And with the announcement of their marital plans, all of the single women in America sighed and said, Another of my dreams down the drain. In fact, I think my mom had this same reaction with me in mind. (And, yes, by this point, I had been married for 5.5 years). A small large part of her always thought he should find and marry a girl out of the bustling metropolis of Port Byron, IL (United States) – where the population is 1,200 and the traffic is atrocious when you get behind a John Deere on a gravel road. Too bad for Willy, however, Chris Emmitt beat him to the punch. And for that, my friends, I am forever grateful.

But in all seriousness, what do we do when life doesn’t turn out the way we expected?

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Imagine you are an artist. You create a masterpiece. The painting is exactly what you want it to be. Each intricate detail has been carefully crafted and flawlessly formed to perfectly fit your vision.

It is: beautiful.

Now, look at you. No longer the artist, you are now the masterpiece. You were crafted and formed in your mother’s womb. Wonderfully whole and intensely individual.

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