Now pieces on the ground, the garden pot was broken.


To a lot of people, it looked like trash. Not repairable. Toss it.

Others were disappointed that it went to waste. It had potential, but what a shame.

A few brave others saw that it could be mended, but those razor-like edges? They could really slice – cut deeply, even – if someone got close enough to touch it. And  even if they tried, it’s not as if it would ever be the same.

Could it ever keep enough water in to support life? Hold fertile soil? Contain the pressure of a growing root system?

pot pieced together

By itself? Never.

With the help of a well-meaning passerby? Not completely.

But with the potter, who made the vessel? Who knew it’s purpose when others doubted? Who intended it to host vibrant vines and life-giving fruit? 

He is the only one who can pick up the pieces.

Rework the clay.

Shape; Mold.

Care; Love.

Make it perfect. Without blemish. Whole.

Truth is, we are all broken vessels in need of repair.


Jesus Christ is the potter. And at this blog, the focus is Him.


Together we learn, love, laugh, accept, forgive, share, discuss, support and grow.

I hope you join in. Not just read – but add your thoughts, make a friend or two, and stretch yourself

as a daughter,
as a mother,
as a sister,
as a friend,
as a woman.

mosaicSozo {Greek}: To be made whole.

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