Just Add Love: your Sozo cookbook is waiting!

cover pic

Our cookbook is finished! I must admit, I have tried several of the recipes and they are fantastic! Chris and I have already discussed that some of them will be new staples at our house.

The book turned out to be 87 pages of 192 recipes! WOW! I love it because they aren’t just recipes – they are the senders’ favorite recipes – tried and true! A perfect mix of weeknight dinners, snacks & sweets and special occasion recipes, you will love thumbing through these pages to find new staples for your loved ones.

I want to tell you a few cool features of the book:

  1. It’s a PDF file. You can open it with Adobe Reader. It’s ready for viewing, searching and referencing whenever you please!
  2. You can print it. (At home or even have it bound at a print shop!)
  3. You can keep it on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, too! (I have already used this feature at the grocery store when I needed to check a recipe ingredient. AMAZING!)   The best way to use the cookbook on these devices is to get the Adobe Reader App – this lets you search the whole book for a certain recipe, ingredient or word. I’ll put directions on how to do this at the end.**

I really cannot thank you enough for "buying" the book. By doing so, you not only have a way out of your cooking rut, but you help Helen Smith – a beautiful Christian missionary who runs an orphanage in Costa Rica. Helen lost her husband in January of this year (2012), and 100% of the money you gave for this book benefits Helen.

To buy a book, all you have to do is donate a minimum of $10 to Helen at this link: https://secure.piryx.com/donate/E3Qb1spn/Dennis-Smith/ and forward the receipt to: sozowomen@gmail.com.

I will send the book as soon as I get the receipt.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

YOU are the hands and feet of Jesus!

All my love,

Bre’anna Emmitt


**To use the cookbook in the Adobe Reader app:  For the iPhone and iPad you first download the app. Then, open your email and pull up this message. Open the cookbook attachment. You should see the cover of the book. Touch the arrow in right-hand corner of the the screen, and choose ‘Open in "Adobe Reader."’ Voila! (PS- I have never used an Android phone, but I know they have this app, too.)


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