…to help the orphan AND the widow.

Since my hubby is using our fundraiser as an example at church this weekend, I am reopening recipe submissions through Monday, March 12! You can donate anytime by clicking here. eCookbooks will be sent out at the end of March! Email recipes to: sozowomen@gmail.com

James 1:27 (NLT) Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

In July, I prayed as we went through the book of James.

I know what it means to help the orphan, Lord. But what does it look like to help the widow?

That prayer became part of my walk with God. It sat in the back of my mind, and I looked for ways to learn what He meant in James 1:27.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago. I felt God calling me to do something with my blog. I prayed about what and immediately felt called to help an orphanage. I spoke with a few friends who have adopted, and also with our Outbound (Missions) Department. It wasn’t that there was a lack of orphanages and organizations – it was quite the opposite!

Lord, show me which one!

Then, out of the blue, I got an email from John David Martinez, a staff member of our church who has a beautiful heart for the orphan and missions.

In that email, the Lord answered both prayers. Which one? This one. How can I help the widow, as well? With this one.

John David told me about Helen Smith. She’ lost her husband a few weeks ago and is now returning to their home in Costa Rica to run an orphanage for disabled children – alone.

Dennis and Helen copy

And then, I realized: God was answering my prayer. Here, he was not only giving me an opportunity to help the orphan, but also to help the widow.

And this is where YOU step in! Here’s the plan:

A lot of traffic to this blog is driven by recipe searches. I love a good recipe, and obviously, many of you do, too!

Remember how churches used to have fundraisers with “Church Recipe Books?”

Well, we’re going to modernize it!

  1. You email in your best recipe – make sure they’re your BEST! Send in as many as you’d like. Email to: sozowomen@gmail.com (Please put them in the body of the email and not in an attachment.) Deadline: 2/29/2012
  2. I’ll compile them all together in an organized PDF eBooklet.
  3. You donate a minimum of $10 to Helen, Use this link to donate.
  4. Forward your Donation Receipt to sozowomen@gmail.com (After you donate, the secure web site will send a receipt to the email you entered.) You can do this any time – starting now! You just obviously can’t get the eBook until all the recipes are in and put together.
  5. I’ll email YOU our eRecipe book!

We want a variety of recipes: family friendly, fun or fancy – so send them in! If you want to put any descriptions on them (i.e. healthy, easy, great for entertaining, kid-friendly, etc), that’d be really helpful!

And lastly, tell your friends! Share this link with all of your cooking & baking friends. Let’s make this big!


5 thoughts on “…to help the orphan AND the widow.

  1. We have loved Dennis and Helen so very much and will help her to our last breath. Please keep us updated on how we can serve her. You are doing a wonderful thing here. Bless you.

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