My husband; Their Dad.

As I lowered my foot onto the running board of the truck, I noticed a 3.5-foot blond waiting below with his hand outstretched toward mine.

Can I give you a hand, Mommy?” he politely asked.

I looked at his father; that’s where he learned it.

I watch that same boy dart around the house in a Batman cape, fighting imaginary criminals and telling them to “Stay away from my mommy!” Where did he learn to protect? That’s from his dad, too.

He bear hugs his little brother and says,

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with ya David, but I still love ya though.”

That good-natured teasing coupled with genuine affection? His dad.

Yesterday, I scolded him for messing with the clothes in the dryer.

But Mommy, I was helping you fold.”

Where did he learn that? Well, truthfully, I really don’t know! Ha! But those traits – those loving, godly traits which I have the privilege of witnessing as Daniel grows from toddler to boy – those traits are instilled by the man he looks up to most:

The man who loves, protects and provides for his wife and family; the man who has treated the mother of his children with nothing but love, respect and adoration; the man who makes time to take his children – one by one – to special play times, overnight camps and no-kids-allowed functions. The man who  reads and interprets Bible stories in a way no child would ignore. The man who gets on his knees daily to seek guidance as a husband, father, pastor, friend.

And to the man who I love, respect and adore more than anyone on this earth: Happy Father’s Day.



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