Oh, that virtue…

Woman Pulling Hair Out

It starts with a “P” and ends with an “atience.” And it seems that lately, mine has had an inverse relationship with my growing belly.

It all started with some scrambled eggs. Twenty-pound David ate three. Forty-seven pound Daniel whined about the one that sat cold on his plate. A solitary yellow morsel of fluff. Harmless. Helpful, in fact: nutritious and delicious; it would have taken Bigmouth two bites to finish it. Usually a favorite, today it was despised.

I added some shredded cheese, melted it in the microwave. And expecting a reaction like that to a chocolate chip cookie, I instead got a palm over pursed lips and a fake cry exclaiming, “I don’t like like eggies anymore.”


Finally, he ate them, only with some serious coaxing. And maybe a threat or two. We got ready. Then suddenly, Daniel “forgot” where his underwear drawer was. He needed me to go find them. We put on the undies (and shorts), and loaded into the car just in time to leave for my 9:30 appointment. Daniel’s seatbelt was twisted. We couldn’t go yet. Out of my seat I hopped, untwisted the belt and we got going. Finally.

One block into the drive: Construction. Of course! We get through it. I even managed to wave at the Sherriff directing traffic.

We arrive. Daniel hops down. I see the entrance door. Success is about to take place. I look at David. Ready to go,  he holds out his chubby little arms for me to carry him. This morning isn’t so bad, I ponder. Look at those boys waiting for me to carry and hold hands with them. I’ve been ugly and they still love me.

Then I realize David had no shoes on. Oh dear. At this point, I could only laugh.

Barefoot we went.

I wish I could say this morning was different. But, truth be told, I’ve been huffy about inconveniences all week.

But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness. Psalm 86:15

Help me remember that
inconveniences in this life
are so minor. YOU give each day.
Help us remember to use it for you
with effectiveness, with grace,
with love and with self-control.
Fill us with you.
Fill us with your patience.


7 thoughts on “Oh, that virtue…

  1. God does give us an abudance of grace to survive the moments we all face in the day. The Lord bless you as mom, wife & wonderful teacher.


  2. Oh my goodness, I am with you Girl! I have not been the most patience with our situation. I tend to take it out on my hubby and Elizabeth. I need to let go and let God help me breathe through it all! One day at a time Lord! Thanks for being REAL!

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone! Of course, I’m saying this to the girl who has already taught her 3-yr-old to spell! 😉

  3. I SO needed to hear this! I’ve been really impatient this week, too. Thank you for being so open. This was such a good reminder to, in fact, be patient!

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