I know it’s “Wordless Wednesday,” and I’m not supposed to say anything. But, since this is my first one, I decided I better tell you exactly what “Wordless Wednesday” is. This is my day to tell a story with only pictures. There will be no descriptions (other than the title); but if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section and I’d love to answer them. Here we go:

1a WW David

1b WW David

2 WW David

3 WW David

4 WW David

5 WW David

6 WW David

7 WW David

8 WW David

8a WW David

10 WW David

9 WW David

10a WW David

11 WW David

12 WW David

13 WW David


8 thoughts on “Healed

  1. Wow! Wow! Awesome! God is so GOOD! Powerful! Beautiful!

    Those are the only words coming to mind as the tears stream down right now. Wordless Wednesday just made a huge impact on this “Mommy of a Cranio Kid.”

    Much love and many blessing continue….

    (Love your blog!)

    1. You were such a help to me when we were going through this. You were the first person I had met who had been through this and it was such a blessing! Love you!

  2. Oh Beanse, you made me cry…David is such a precious & sweet boy. I am so happy everything turned out…He is perfect inside nad out!

  3. These pictures speak more than any words could ever convey. I’ll definitely be tuning in for “Wordless Wednesdays”.

    Love the pic of David playing in the pantry. Soooo adorable. And the pic of Chris (I believe it was the night before surgery)…well, there are no words. That was a beautifully captured moment, just Daddy and Son and the silent pleadings from one father to THE Father.

    Your strength through this trial was inspiring, Bre-anna. Thank you for being so faithful!

    Thank You, Lord for Your faithfulness and healing. You alone are worthy, Father!


  4. This photo diary is phenomenal. I was able to experience all the emotions you probably went through, on a much lower scale, I’m sure. He’s such a trooper. The bruised and swullen photos brought out the mom in me and made me want to take that pain for that child. Thus, led me to remember how Jesus did that for us. What a remarkable journey. God Bless.

  5. Bre’anna –
    I wish I would have seen this blog earlier. We are about 5 days post surgery and it is so difficult. I feel like I am torturing him every time I take his helmet off. My son’s head looked exactly like your sons and now it looks so much better. Do you know of any support websites out there for mommies like us??? I am hoping this gets better… I feel for any parent that has to go through this. Cooper didn’t bruise as bad as your little one but I feel lucky! Thanks for your blog!!!

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