What’s in a name?

When we had the ultrasound today, it was questionable which way it would go. At first, it sorta looked like it could be a boy. Then a girl. Then a boy. Then a girl.


I always (since I was a girl) thought I’d have all boys. I was an outdoor girl. Riding horses, playing in the woods with my brother and fishing were my childhood pastimes. Heck, I never even liked Barbies.

After seeing the sonogram and telling myself this baby is probably a boy, our technician told me to walk around and come back – hoping the baby would reposition. I walked and I prayed. I told the Lord I needed to know 100% if this baby was a girl. I love to sew and paint, and goodness knows I wasn’t going to make bedding and paint a mural on a chance!

So far, this baby looked 50/50. I laid back down. “100% Lord, I need 100%.”

He put the sonogram on my belly and immediately shouted:

“GIRL!! Absolutely girl!”

“How sure are you?” I asked.


“Like, seriously 100%?”

“100%! See there?” he asked.

We definitely saw. And there. And there. And there. It was obvious to all this was a GIRL.

We both were beaming. I couldn’t believe it. After having two boys, I certainly thought that raising boys would be the way we were going. And trust me, I was fine with that. I know the Lord knows what I need so much more than I do.

Chris and I walked out, pictures of our girl in hand, and both agreed: it just felt RIGHT. A girl after our two boys just seemed like it fit us.

(And Chris is toast.)

Her name will be: Cara Brooke.

Cara, because chara is the Greek work for JOY used in the Bible.

Brooke, because my maiden name is Brooks.

Cara Brooke Emmitt. My daughter; My joy.

Do you have a daughter? Are you a daughter? I have all boys – I’d love your advice on raising girls! Leave it below!


13 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. well bre anna, i have twins girls and they are absolutely a blessing. my husband and i have 2 older boys and just had twin baby girls. they are named brooklyn and leighton. they are such sweeties. we have lots to learn about girls too. just imagine…i went to my sonogram appointment hoping for a girl too only to see 2 heads!!!! i had no idea!!!! i was 6 months along and had no idea it was twins. i didn’t feel different at all!! wow…congrats on the girl. such a blessing
    ashlee haynie(priebe)

    1. Congrats to you!!! I always thought twins would be so great – two for the price of one! 🙂 I’m sure they are beautiful!

  2. Love the name Cara! Re the milddle name, my sister is named Brooke and she was named after an old family name of Brooks; we’re also originally from Illinois/Missouri; wonder if there’s some similar family ancestry there. 🙂

    1. Small world!!! We very well could be! Our Brooks family members came from North Carolina and moved 4-5 generations ago to the Quad Cities area (IL & IA).

  3. advice? rick will say keep a shotgun handy;) so happy for you!!! start making those bows now- youll need roughly 265 of them. yay girls!

  4. Congrats! I have 3 precious little girls and I can honestly say that you will love it! It’s so fun to have a shopping buddy, my eldest (6 years old) loves getting her nails done more than me!
    They are who will care for you when you grow old, so they say! Congrats to you both!

  5. Oh, Bre’anna ~ so happy for you and your family!! Your precious Cara Brooke could not be more blessed than to be born to Emmitts. 😀 I say there’s a lot in a name as well and as for advice, it has much to do with a name as well. I tell my Girls all the time, “Remember who and WHOSE you are.” Not only do we encourage them that “Gonzalez Girls do/do not do this or that…” but also that they are Jesus’ Girls first! Would a Princess (the daughter of The King of Kings) do, say or think that? If the answer is “no”, then it’s not your namesake – abide in your namesake!

    I love how God “showed up” with your 100% – He is ever-faithful, even to the smallest detail.

    We serve a loving God and I can not imagine a moment of my day without Him. Thank You Jesus for showing up and showing off, every single day!

    Blessings, (((Hugs))) and Much Love sent your way, Sweet Lady. May you always be showered in the raindrops of His Grace!

    Love, Tracie for The G4

  6. Congratulations on a little girl! I was quite nervous to have a little girl as you know I’m not the “girly girl.” But I am SO thankful that Jesus gave me my girl! You will have so much fun with her. I’m already having the girl shopping trips and it’s so much fun!

  7. Congrats! Girls will definitely show you a bit more attitude. 😉 I’ve always wished for a big brother – so happy for Daniel and David, too!

  8. I’m here browsing your blog, when I have OODLES more I should be doing. But the key lime pie recipe pulled me in. 🙂

    Yay to a girl!! Of course, if it was another boy, I’d be saying “yay to another boy”! They are all such sweet blessings, you know that!

    So far, I’ve had four girls and two boys. And you know what? They are all different! All my girls have been girlie girls, but in different ways. Some were more into sports and dressing up, and others were into babies and all things “how to be a mama”. My littlest is only 10 months, so we’ve yet to see what kind of a girl she’ll be. Just know, that in the same way you’ve been blessed with your two little guys, this darling Cara Brooke will bless you! The Lord has some wonderful surprises for you!! How much fun!!! So happy for you!


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