So you are not going to be the princess…and other disappointments in life.

Well, it’s here ladies. In just 11 days, Prince William will marry his beautiful fiancée. He will turn Kate Middleton into Kate…well…??? Does anyone know Prince William’s last name? Does he even have one??? I’ll Google it later, but for now, we all know she is going to be: the Princess.


And with the announcement of their marital plans, all of the single women in America sighed and said, Another of my dreams down the drain. In fact, I think my mom had this same reaction with me in mind. (And, yes, by this point, I had been married for 5.5 years). A small large part of her always thought he should find and marry a girl out of the bustling metropolis of Port Byron, IL (United States) – where the population is 1,200 and the traffic is atrocious when you get behind a John Deere on a gravel road. Too bad for Willy, however, Chris Emmitt beat him to the punch. And for that, my friends, I am forever grateful.

But in all seriousness, what do we do when life doesn’t turn out the way we expected?

When our plans and dreams have settled into the bottom of that stack of paperwork on our desk – or in the bottom silt of our mopping bucket.

Can I share something with you I feel like the Lord teaches me every day? It is there, in your everyday life – your routine – your job – your housework, where God meets you.

If you’re unsure that you should believe me, look with me at the story of Rebekah at the well in Genesis 24.

Rebekah was drawing water at the well for her family – something young women did nightly to ensure enough water for the next day. While there, she sees a strange old man. Rather than ignore him, she went up to him and asked him if not only he, but also his 10 camels, would like a drink of water. Now this might not sound bad at first glance, but these camels had just traveled 500 miles and were running on empty. ONE camel can easily drink 25 gallons of water in one sitting. He had 10. Do the math, that’s 250 gallons of water!

So Rebekah waters his camels and quenches his thirst. You might skim over that and just say, how does this apply to me?  Well, it would be like you cleaning your house and then offering the entire block a free cleaning. Or you completing that stack of paperwork, then going throughout your entire building offering your most boring set of skills to each coworker you passed.

The point: She was diligently performing the task at hand: a task she had done dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of times before. It wasn’t glamorous. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t even easy. And she went above and beyond.

The twist in the story? That strange man: Just before she offered to bring him water, he was praying Lord, show me the one for my master to marry. Let the woman who is to be his wife not only offer me a drink, but offer to water my camels.

Before he even said “Amen,” Rebekah approached. The man brought her to his native country to marry Isaac, a man of God. Together, they had a son named Jacob, who had a son named Judas, who – 10 generations later – had a son named David, who had a son named Solomon, who – 24 generations later – had a son named Joseph, who married a girl named Mary, who gave birth to Jesus, who is called the Christ.

Rebekah went above and beyond in the mundane.

In that moment, God met her there.

He gave her a husband, a home, children,

and made her a Matriarch in the very line of the Messiah —

 a ‘Princess,’ if you will.

Do what you’re supposed to be doing – diligently and with heart. He’ll meet you there.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. Colossians 3:23-24


2 thoughts on “So you are not going to be the princess…and other disappointments in life.

  1. Bre’Anna again you have done a wonderful job on your blog.

    I believe for my generation, the generation of Princess Diana, that the hype of becoming a princess is highly over rated. We got to see how Diana suffered under all the pressure of being that “princess” and in the end, died. Her life was sad for the most part, except for giving birth to those beautiful boys. I pray that Catherine is truly loved and protected by her husband.

    As princess in the Kingdom of God, we lay our treasures where moths and rust will not distroy and invest in the most important of God’s treasures-People.

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