Hello, all!

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog. I feel like everyone on this earth has about 6 blogs, so I never quite made the move.

But, I decided it’s TIME!

Time not  for me to ramble, but to learn and discuss with YOU, the participant. I say ‘participant’ because  if you’re on this blog, I want to develop a community where we – Christian women – read, discuss and learn about God’s word.

I look so forward to connecting with you!

So go ahead, leave a comment. I’m listening. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hello, all!

  1. Hi I am so excited for you starting this Blog. That said this can be my moment of joy rather then jealousy, that you talked about. The reason I say this is because I really want to start a blog. I would love to blog about food and all things culinary, but alas I don’t.
    I always think “oh I want have enough to say” or “nobody will read it.” So every time I see a new Blog or a very popular one I feel a little of the green eyed monster trying to take over. But in this case I am so happy for you and I love the idea, so I will be will read and participate as much as I can. Thank you Bre’anna.

  2. i havent read all but i can say that i am so much inspired and wanted to be more inspired by the words of God that u willingly shares. every word i have read was really an exact answer to my questions and lighten up the heaviness i felt inside by this life’s worries and triels.

    i want to be intouch with you as often as posible,honestly i need this more now for i am now at a low point of my life…i want and need a real guidance.

    Thank you so much,so glad to found ur site…I can say I am now starting to enjoy the joy you brought to each and everyone who have been and still part of this.

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